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Advancing Gender Equality: A Crucial Path Towards a Just Society

Gender equality, a fundamental principle of human rights, asserts that all individuals, regardless of their gender, should have equal opportunities and rights in all spheres of life. It goes beyond promoting fairness; it recognizes that gender-based discrimination and inequality hinder social progress and limit human potential. This essay aims to explore the significance of gender […]

The Goals of Gender and Development

Since 1993, Gender & Development has aimed to promote, inspire, and support development policy and practice, which furthers the goal of equality between women and men. This journal has a readership in over 90 countries and uses clear accessible language. Each issue of Gender & Development focuses on a topic of key interest to all involved in promoting gender […]

Gender and Development: Essay

Gender is an important issue to consider when discussing development. This is because gender-based discrimination, violence and other negative social factors can impede human progress. These issues continue to persist in many countries around the world, and in most cases, they have been made worse by conflict and instability. Development cannot be achieved if women […]